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Quote by Walt Disney, "The idea for Disneyland lay..."

The idea for Disneyland lay dormant for several years. It came along when I was taking my kids around to these kiddie parks... I took them to zoos, I took them everywhere, and while they were on the merry-go-round riding forty times or something, I'd be sitting there trying to figure what I could do. When I built the studio I thought we ought to have a three-dimension thing that people could actually come and visit they can't visit our studio because the rooms are small. So I had a little dream for Disneyland adjoining the studio, but I couldn't get anybody to go in with me because we were going through this depression. And whenever I'd go down and talk to my brother about it, why he'd always suddenly get busy with some figures, so, I mean, I didn't dare bring it up. But I kept working on it and I worked on it with my own money. Not the studio's money, but my own money.

- Walt Disney
Walt Disney